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Arizona DUI Case Examples

State v. Curtiss H. - Not guilty jury verdict on DUI charge after two days of deliberations.

State v. Steven H. - .156 Blood test - Not Guilty Jury Verdict; 

State v. Karen I. - .175 Breath test - All DUI Charges Dismissed 

State v. Matt H. - .10 Breath test - Not Guilty Jury Verdict; 

State v. Randy P. - Refusal case - All DUI Charges Dismissed

State v. Jay W. - Accident / Aggravated Assault Charge Dismissed

State v. Garrett D. - Aggravated (Felony) DUI Case Dismissed; State v. Rob M. Extreme DUI Charge Dismissed.

Jose O. v. Department of Motor Vehicles - Dismissal of Implied Consent (12 Month) suspension for purported "refusal" to take breath test. Driving privileges fully reinstated.
State v. Juan R - Not Guilty Jury verdict on alleged breath alcohol concentration over .08.
State v. Nicholas M - Dismissal of Extreme (BAC allegedly over .15) DUI charge.
State v. Jennifer S - Dismissal of Underage DUI charge.
State v. M.H - Dismissal of Extreme (BAC allegedly over .15) DUI charge.
State v. John H - Dismissal of Extreme (BAC allegedly over .15) DUI charge.
State v. Michael Q - Hung jury on all three DUI charges including a .156 blood test involving a rear-end accident and injured juveniles.

State v. Ward K - All DUI charges dismissed.

State v. William S. - .093 & .101 Breath on new Intoxilyzer 8000. All DUI charges dismissed.
Charles P. v. State MVD - 12 Month "Refusal" suspension vacated and dismissed after a highly contested administrative hearing. Mr. Loss convinced hearing officer that cop was lying and our Client was telling the truth! Client kept his Driver's License and his job!

State v. Marc F. - .236 / .237 Breath case with accident, poor performance on roadside exercises and numerous inculpatory admissions by Client, e.g., "I never should have been driving," etc. "Not Guilty" jury verdict on ALL DUI charges including the "Extreme DUI" charge!

Nichole H. - Not Guilty Jury Verdict on a .203 "Extreme DUI" Blood Case.

State v. K.H. Dismissal of all DUI Charges! - Client pled to a Speeding ticket and kept her driver's license!

State v. James T - Client charged with TWO separate sets of DUI charges arising on different dates in the same town, including Extreme DUI; Client facing potential minimum of 60 days in jail. DUI charges dismissed and Client pled guilty to Reckless Driving with ONE DAY in jail!

Please note that each case is different. Success in prior cases should not be construed as a warranty of success in any particular future case.

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